February 08, 2010

What's a baby-naming ceremony?

Many people might be familiar with the traditional Bris, a ceremony performed the 8th day after a baby Jewish boy is born.  However, fewer people are familiar with notion of a baby-naming ceremony. This ceremony is typically held in honor of a baby girl being born and while it can certainly happen the 8th day after birth, there are no real time strictures around this one. The object of a baby-naming ceremony is to officially present the child with a Hebrew name, usually honoring a loved one who has passed on. In this touching ceremony, a new Hebrew name is affectionately given to the baby in its parent's arms, along with ecumenical ceremonial input from grandparents. Parents may offer some sentimental, loving comments and memories about the person for whom their baby is named. Typically you would only give your child the name of a relative who has departed, rather than one that's living - just so you know!

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