February 07, 2010

Great looking Ketubahs

If you're getting married - and getting married by a Rabbi - you'll likely have a Ketubah signing ceremony as part of your nuptials. Kind of like going to the court house to get your marriage license, this is actually in the eyes of Jewish law, when the marriage is legal. The Ketubah is the contract that you and your spouse sign and it's actually quite a lovely idea. It's one thing to write your vow and say them the day of, it's quite something else to have your 'vows' scribed as a gorgeous work of art. There are a number of different Ketubah texts and you should be able to customize your Ketubah to your liking. But whatever you do, make it something that the two of you really like. Ours is currently hanging on the wall in our den and it makes me smile every time I walk by it.

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Some other good Ketubah resources:
The Ketubah Company - A unique resource for all your ketubah needs. A range of exclusive original artwork and variety of texts for your exceptional wedding or anniversary celebration.




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